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Designed and manufactured by

Pharmabotics Ltd


This trainer was officially launched at the beautifully

equipped, state of the art ICENI Centre - Colchester

earlier this year 2014.

The GST100 Gynaecological Skills Trainer;

is a ground-breaking leap forward in operable

simulators that pushes research, design and

innovation to incredible new levels.

The central core is hand crafted using a unique

and tactile elastomeric polymer. This trainer is the

answer to the need for high quality simulation

training in the field of gynaecology. 

The following is a list of surgical procedures trainees 

will be able to perform vaginally or laparoscopically 

on this incredible trainer, 

• Abdominal Entry

• Salpingectomy

• Salpingotomy

• Myomectomy

• Ovarian Cystectomy

• Oophorectomy

• Anterior Repair

• Repair of Bladder

• Repair of Rectum

• Episiotomy Repair

• Excision Bladder Endometriosis

• Excision Rectal Endometriosis

• Cervical Cerclage (See link to YouTube Film Below)

• Vaginal or Abdominal Hysterectomy

The model will support and enhance educational

goals in practical core skills such as suturing and

knot tying at depth in a realistic environment,

enthusing a greater understanding of anatomy

involved in these procedures with the invaluable

benefit of allowing the trainee time to practice in

a safe and low pressure environment.

A groundbreaking leap forward

in operable simulators

“Over the last 15 years the number of gynaecological

operations performed by registrars in training has

significantly reduced. It is therefore imperative that

gynaecologists of the future gain access to high quality

simulation models to acquire adequate skills

simulation training, enabling onsite assessment of

training (OSAT) in an environment allowing time

to learn without the usual theatre time pressure

on trainer and registrar to complete the surgical

procedure too quickly. The Pharmabotics

Gynaecological Skills Training Model allows in

excess of 15 gynaecological surgical procedures

to be performed”.

Mr Barry Whitlow


Award Winning Gynaecologist of

Colchester Hospital University

Check out this video on YouTube:

        The GST100


            & INNOVATION