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Pharmabotics was conceived on a kitchen table in 1998 by Anthony Rollason on the back of a wealth of knowledge gained over several years working as a medical artist and crafting his marketing experience in publishing and more recently then, working with a major model making company.

From the start Pharmabotics was established to research materials hitherto not seen or used in the manufacture of medical modelling. To this day we are still finding commonly sourced materials which when thoroughly researched can be made suitable for higher levels of medical education for example laser surgery and ultra sound.

It has been our practice in designing a simulator to concentrate on the core tactile skills to be learnt, many of our simulators fall into this bracket because we have presented good tactile identity with good practical use.

The collection of simulators presented on our website reperesent the combined work of a dedicated team of medical sculptors and gifted craftsmen and women.

Over the last nine years much has changed within the medical education market and it is beholden to small companies such as ours to remain innovative in finding newer ways to develop simulators for new teaching techniques. This is particularly relevant with the introduction of Ultrasound and the N.I.C.E guidelines in report 49.

Pharmabotics have developed a Central Venous Access Simulator that can be visualised with the aid of modern ultrasound devices. Clear pictures can be presented which when scanned show exactly where catheters should be introduced. A big breakthrough in quality presentation for modern teaching practices.

Ultrasound will be used more and more as a diagnostic tool in medical practice. Pharmabotics are looking to supply a package from device to simulator. At present we manufacture a Central Venous Access Simulator and a Nerve Block trainer and we are already working on other models which will emerge in the near future.

Our models provide a stepping stone in education that turns knowledge into a professional skill. With professional tutors and good simulators students get an opportunity to learn these tactile skills at their own pace gaining the confidence necessary to finally work with a patient.

Pharmabotics has an international distribution network that goes around the world. We continue to develop key industrial partnerships and seek out new research projects with universities.

We have a good team, we pull together throughout all the hardships and each member of Pharmabotics knows about pulling the stops for the extra mile!